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I'm still Alive

Guess what? Big Bang will be coming to town on October 24 for the Manila leg of Alive Tour 2012.

Am I excited?

Hell no.


Oh, you just don't know. Big Bang has always been my favorite Korean boyband, and I've been watching them closely since 2008. It's been four years since I first wished to see them in person, and here';s my chance!

I don't really care what songs they will be performing since I love almost all of them. But, I would really love to hear Haru Haru, Lies, Always, Number 1, Fantastic Baby and Koe wo Kikasete live, putting much emphasis on the first two. :)

How am I preparing for this, you ask?

Well, at present, I am looking for local sellers of BB's official crown light sticks. Good news is, there are local sellers carrying the item. Bad news is, it's expensive at PHP1500+ per piece! But, whatever. I swore to have one ever since becoming a V.I.P., and what better timing to have one than now, yes? The crown light stick looks so exquisite. I simply need to have it. :)

Another preparation is, of course, to save up enough money to secure me a good spot in MOA Arena. I'm not fully convinced to get the most expensive ticket though, cos you see, it's Big Bang we're talking about here. They're a group of geniuses who&'s know for the quality of the stuff they produce and NOT for their face value, so seeing them up close is not really that important, at least for me. It's their music I am most eager to experience live, and their quirky, psychedelic outfits or GD's ever-changing 'do only comes in second. But hey, who knows, right? I might just chance my mind soon. They may not be known for face value, but them boys still look good. After all, who would not want to see Kwon Ji Yong or Choi Seung Hyun up close? Definitely not I.

Ahh there you have it. I think I'm done babbling for now. :)