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Cutting Edge

 Had a haircut today at my favorite salon. After 6 months of abstinence [yes 'twas hard for me to resist the scissors' call] my hair started showing signs of split ends so I opted for a trim. LOL as usual I had a hard time understanding the stylist, but their cutting style is great so I don't care. :)



 Just a thought: Wouldn't it be nice if all establishments had valet parking services? XD

Anyhow, I wish to get rid of my fear of parking a car soon. It's not like I don't know how to do it, I'm just being overly paranoid like usual. lol. Tomorrow I'll drive Mom to the salon for the wedding, and this time I can't ask my Brother to come with us. Owell, looks like I'm on my own. Lord guide me. XP


My, how you've Grown!

 The power of internet is amazing! I posted the link of my latest Squiby [name's Zangan] at Twitter, with it a message expressing my excitement to see its evolved form. Guess what? When I checked my blogspot after a few minutes [the HTML code of my squiby is there], I was so shocked to find out that Zangan has already changed form! Many thanks to whoever helped! :3

Happee, sha-la-lahhh!!

I swear, Happee Sy is so unpredictable! SS3 updates just pop out all of a sudden, and most often that not, they are those which are considered very important or relevant. An advice to all peeps out there who are also in the lookout for fresh SS3 Manila news: MAKE HER FB FANPAGE YOUR HOMEPAGE!! Cos you never know when she'll update next. D:

Just a few hours ago, she posted an update saying regional ELFs are now authorized to buy SS3 tickets, good at least today until tomorrow. A certain Ms. Ng said that they're doing this to assist the ELFs living outside the Metro acquire their SS3 tickets, since all the ticketing events had already been cancelled. When I saw it, I was like... slkdfs;djfhsdjkl;fhsjkdf what kind of tomfoolery is this?? Ok, I am aware that the regional ELFs were greatly affected when PULP decided to cancel the ticketing events [since it is their only avenue for purchasing passes to the show], but... this is just so unfair! Surely, there must be another way to help the ELFs living in Visayas and Mindanao get the tickets they want. PULP can't give them the upper hand just like that, cos they know what they're risking. I mean, do they want another fanwar to erupt? All those attending the concert must be given equal chances to get the tickets they desire, and this set-up just won't work. I hope they'd be able to think of a workaround before it gets too late.


'Tis a Tuesday

>>Just a few more days before our family friends' wedding. At first I thought I won't be participating in any way [save for being there and eating dinner. haha], but I learned from Mom last night that the bride-to-be included me in the "catch-the-bouquet" portion. Oh lawds.

>>I'm installing Photoshop CS5 right now. I hope I learn it fast.


I see the Light!

 Yesterday I had a talk with Mom about what to do with my life starting next year. [Yeah, I've come to that now] Lucky enough, I was able to visualize the kind of work life I want to have. I realized that office work does not interest me more than working in a school. Quite paradoxical, isn't it? I always say that I hate being with kids, yet I find the idea of working in a school exciting. Ok, let me clarify. I want to be part of a school's guidance staff, but I don't wanna be the guidance counselor. [even if I want to become one, I know I'm not licensed to do it] Ever since high school, I get so thrilled every time I enter the guidance office and see the staff do their work. I've always thought it nice to be like them someday, and maybe that's why I ended up taking Behavioral Science in College. [And I realized that only today. /faceplams myself] It's not gonna be easy, of that I'm quite sure of, but it's what I want to do. Maybe I shall give it a shot next year and see if I can't put my dreams to reality. Armed with God's Divine Providence and a little amount of luck and a truck-load of determination, I don't see any reason why I shouldn't take my chances. :)


Welcome to the Boneyard

 Finally downloaded the full version of Solomon's Keep [and Doodle Jump, at that.]. One of the most exciting iPhone / iPod Touch games out there, definitely. If you own such device and you don't know what I'm babbling about, you should try it! 100% satisfaction guaranteed! XD And while you're at it, Try Solomon's Boneyard, too. It's the sequel to SK.

Solomon's Keep and Solomon's Boneyard are good in their own ways. Keep is more rewarding since you get to preserve whatever rare ring and epic staff you pick up during gameplay, unlike in Boneyard where you lose everything after you die. Also, it's more exciting cos maps are generated at random and a playthrough is outright longer. SK's gameplay reminds me so much of the Diablo series, if not for the chibi-esque characters and overall ambiance of Solomon's tower. :3

Boneyard, though, offers a greater challenge. The idea is that the player must survive the endless barrage of Solomon's undead in a confined area for as long as he/she can, given only two healing and mana potions at max, and random rings that can either be picked up or unlocked via skill packs. Once you die, it's game over for good. Boneyard is better than Keep in such a way that the wizards and witches' magic abilities are better! [Morth the Icebender is my ultimate fave] Not to mention, even the unlockables are better by a notch. XD

Like I said, I definitely recommend the games. Whether you stan RPGs or not, you will find this game enjoyable in one way or another. Take my word for it, I'm usually picky with iPod apps. :)

Hola, Amigos!

I don't know why I decided to delete my previous entry and replace it with this one. Maybe I'm unimaginably bored, or I'm random as hell. You don't care after all, right?

Anyhow I'm just gonna repeat what I said before, with modifications here and there:

I don't intend to maintain this journal, and that is true at least today, until I decide otherwise. I created this account a few years back solely for downloading stuff like manga, music, graphics, and other multimedia which can only be found in LJ communities. I know I sound like a leech by saying that but, FYI, I actually give out comments every time I take something, and give the proper credits when I use something copyrighted. [if you want proof, check my profile and see the total number of comments I've posted so far]. But who knows? I might actually use this account someday. For now though, I totally have no plans cos I have my
blogspot for that. [It's been my active blog since '06.]

So much for that, I wish everyone a good day. :3 This is m_haruno, signing off for good. again.