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Super Show 3 Manila

 You know what I'm feeling right now? Bliss. Ultimate happiness. I still cannot believe I have seen Super Junior up close, in no more than 5 arms-length distance. How can I ever unsee the events that happened last Super Show 3 in Manila? Never. I will never, ever forget the feeling and the experience.

We arrived at 7:00 AM. We lined up immediately after seeing where the SVIP right-ers are supposed to be at. It was a long, somewhat annoying, and kinda painful wait LOL. We sat on concrete [sidewalk, to be exact], and there were those fans who kept on trying to get ahead of everyone else in the queue. Good thing the Management decided open the gates way ahead of schedule, so we didn't have to endure waiting outside the for long. The gates opened at around 4:30 PM, and shortly afterwards we were inside! We had to wait for 2+ hours before the show began. "At least.." I thought to myself. "we're not outside anymore." It didn't take too long for the dome to get filled up with excited fans. From where we stood up to the General Admission area, I could feel the excitement.

Then, the much awaited signal came off. The lights turned off and the dome transformed into a sea of sapphire blue light sticks. It was then 7:00PM. Shortly afterwards, the VTR started rolling! It took no more than 5 minutes before the first member emerged from the covers. Lee Donghae came out flying in a harness, and that's when my ears started to go deaf. Fans went crazy, including me. :) All the other members came out after Hae's feet touched the ground. They were all around me and I didn't know where to look, and who to look at! I was thinking that time "O god, o god, o god it is happening again! I'm seeing them again in the flesh!! But upclose this time!" Seriously, you can't imagine how I felt when I saw them boys right in front of me, just a few meters away. XD All of the pain I felt while waiting for the show to begin vanished the moment I saw them.

Heechul was looking so handsome last Saturday. My "best-looking member" award goes to him, no doubt. The hairstyle he wore that day was my ultimate favorite!! Eunhyuk as well! I felt so happy that they were exactly how I wanted them to look like. XD Shrort hair without the blonde! OMG. OMG I STILL SPAZZ OVER IT. All of them looked good! Last SS2 I couldn't see their faces that much since I was in gen ad, but this time, they were just right in front of me. I sure felt like I wanted to throw myself up onstage, take their hand and pull them away lol.

SS3 Manila is a lot better than SS2 in every way imaginable. The size of the crowd, the stage, the effects, the excitement, and the energy of the boys. I felt them to be more energetic last Saturday than how they were last April 2010, and it is a very good thing. :D Even the fanchants were louder. Henry has even branded us as "the loudest country" out there. [Thanks love. We do appreciate that. :D]

Favorite parts of the show has to be Yesung's solo, Henry's solo and the Poker Face/ Single Ladies/ Crazy in Love parody. XD HEECHUL WAS FREAKING SEXY IN HIS LADY HEE HEE OUTFIT!!! Eunhyuk, Hae and Shindong were were funny in their Single Ladies segment. Haha. And, they sure don't mind swinging their legs and bending, despite them wearing mini skirts =.= There was a part there when Hae did a squat while facing our side and... Ok, I won't go in to details. You imagine what happened next. XDD [But ah, the mental image stays!!]

Henry's solo was also monumental. He made me sing Justin Bieber's 'Baby' out loud. OMG. I never imagined to enjoy the song ever in my life. XD And finally, we got to hear him speak in english! It was great, I tell you.

And of course, there was Yesung's solo! He sang It has to be You, with the whole crowd singing along with him. The moment Yesung heard everyone, he plugged out his earphones and even let us sing one whole chorus to ourselves. The best part of it was when he smiled so sweetly at the end of the performance. It seems he was touched because everyone sang with him- as if he wasn't expecting such a warm appraisal. I'm glad we were able to make Yesung so happy. Seldom have I seen him smile like he did last Saturday. It seems so genuine. Like he was happy from the deepest pits of his heart. :DDDD

SS3 Manila was a roaring success. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. Everything I saw, everything I heard, everything I experienced - I will keep them in my memory, locked in my heart forever. :)