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 It is today when I got to experience being a tank for real. Earlier today, the guild named "Risen" recruited me on WOA, and I helped the guild master and his right hand [couldn't think of a better name for him] reach level 20. The GM was a mage, right hand was a rogue. I am a fighter-warrior, so naturally I took most of the damage and protected the classes weaker than me, HP and defense wise. All I can say is.. The adrenaline rush was excessive!! Being a tank is not easy, especially when fighting 5 or 6 enemies all at once. You gotta watch closely your HP while hacking and slashing the enemies to keep them off the mage [in our case, I was also their main damager]. LOL. But it was cool. I'm quite proud of my "performance" earlier, and it seems my new guild mates were impressed as well. They even gave me a high position at the guild, to think I just got recruited. :P

It was kinda fun doing runs with random ppl, actually. I think I'm up for more. :D