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I'm still Alive

Guess what? Big Bang will be coming to town on October 24 for the Manila leg of Alive Tour 2012.

Am I excited?

Hell no.


Oh, you just don't know. Big Bang has always been my favorite Korean boyband, and I've been watching them closely since 2008. It's been four years since I first wished to see them in person, and here';s my chance!

I don't really care what songs they will be performing since I love almost all of them. But, I would really love to hear Haru Haru, Lies, Always, Number 1, Fantastic Baby and Koe wo Kikasete live, putting much emphasis on the first two. :)

How am I preparing for this, you ask?

Well, at present, I am looking for local sellers of BB's official crown light sticks. Good news is, there are local sellers carrying the item. Bad news is, it's expensive at PHP1500+ per piece! But, whatever. I swore to have one ever since becoming a V.I.P., and what better timing to have one than now, yes? The crown light stick looks so exquisite. I simply need to have it. :)

Another preparation is, of course, to save up enough money to secure me a good spot in MOA Arena. I'm not fully convinced to get the most expensive ticket though, cos you see, it's Big Bang we're talking about here. They're a group of geniuses who&'s know for the quality of the stuff they produce and NOT for their face value, so seeing them up close is not really that important, at least for me. It's their music I am most eager to experience live, and their quirky, psychedelic outfits or GD's ever-changing 'do only comes in second. But hey, who knows, right? I might just chance my mind soon. They may not be known for face value, but them boys still look good. After all, who would not want to see Kwon Ji Yong or Choi Seung Hyun up close? Definitely not I.

Ahh there you have it. I think I'm done babbling for now. :)

Super Show 3 Manila

 You know what I'm feeling right now? Bliss. Ultimate happiness. I still cannot believe I have seen Super Junior up close, in no more than 5 arms-length distance. How can I ever unsee the events that happened last Super Show 3 in Manila? Never. I will never, ever forget the feeling and the experience.

We arrived at 7:00 AM. We lined up immediately after seeing where the SVIP right-ers are supposed to be at. It was a long, somewhat annoying, and kinda painful wait LOL. We sat on concrete [sidewalk, to be exact], and there were those fans who kept on trying to get ahead of everyone else in the queue. Good thing the Management decided open the gates way ahead of schedule, so we didn't have to endure waiting outside the for long. The gates opened at around 4:30 PM, and shortly afterwards we were inside! We had to wait for 2+ hours before the show began. "At least.." I thought to myself. "we're not outside anymore." It didn't take too long for the dome to get filled up with excited fans. From where we stood up to the General Admission area, I could feel the excitement.

Then, the much awaited signal came off. The lights turned off and the dome transformed into a sea of sapphire blue light sticks. It was then 7:00PM. Shortly afterwards, the VTR started rolling! It took no more than 5 minutes before the first member emerged from the covers. Lee Donghae came out flying in a harness, and that's when my ears started to go deaf. Fans went crazy, including me. :) All the other members came out after Hae's feet touched the ground. They were all around me and I didn't know where to look, and who to look at! I was thinking that time "O god, o god, o god it is happening again! I'm seeing them again in the flesh!! But upclose this time!" Seriously, you can't imagine how I felt when I saw them boys right in front of me, just a few meters away. XD All of the pain I felt while waiting for the show to begin vanished the moment I saw them.

Heechul was looking so handsome last Saturday. My "best-looking member" award goes to him, no doubt. The hairstyle he wore that day was my ultimate favorite!! Eunhyuk as well! I felt so happy that they were exactly how I wanted them to look like. XD Shrort hair without the blonde! OMG. OMG I STILL SPAZZ OVER IT. All of them looked good! Last SS2 I couldn't see their faces that much since I was in gen ad, but this time, they were just right in front of me. I sure felt like I wanted to throw myself up onstage, take their hand and pull them away lol.

SS3 Manila is a lot better than SS2 in every way imaginable. The size of the crowd, the stage, the effects, the excitement, and the energy of the boys. I felt them to be more energetic last Saturday than how they were last April 2010, and it is a very good thing. :D Even the fanchants were louder. Henry has even branded us as "the loudest country" out there. [Thanks love. We do appreciate that. :D]

Favorite parts of the show has to be Yesung's solo, Henry's solo and the Poker Face/ Single Ladies/ Crazy in Love parody. XD HEECHUL WAS FREAKING SEXY IN HIS LADY HEE HEE OUTFIT!!! Eunhyuk, Hae and Shindong were were funny in their Single Ladies segment. Haha. And, they sure don't mind swinging their legs and bending, despite them wearing mini skirts =.= There was a part there when Hae did a squat while facing our side and... Ok, I won't go in to details. You imagine what happened next. XDD [But ah, the mental image stays!!]

Henry's solo was also monumental. He made me sing Justin Bieber's 'Baby' out loud. OMG. I never imagined to enjoy the song ever in my life. XD And finally, we got to hear him speak in english! It was great, I tell you.

And of course, there was Yesung's solo! He sang It has to be You, with the whole crowd singing along with him. The moment Yesung heard everyone, he plugged out his earphones and even let us sing one whole chorus to ourselves. The best part of it was when he smiled so sweetly at the end of the performance. It seems he was touched because everyone sang with him- as if he wasn't expecting such a warm appraisal. I'm glad we were able to make Yesung so happy. Seldom have I seen him smile like he did last Saturday. It seems so genuine. Like he was happy from the deepest pits of his heart. :DDDD

SS3 Manila was a roaring success. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. Everything I saw, everything I heard, everything I experienced - I will keep them in my memory, locked in my heart forever. :)


 It is today when I got to experience being a tank for real. Earlier today, the guild named "Risen" recruited me on WOA, and I helped the guild master and his right hand [couldn't think of a better name for him] reach level 20. The GM was a mage, right hand was a rogue. I am a fighter-warrior, so naturally I took most of the damage and protected the classes weaker than me, HP and defense wise. All I can say is.. The adrenaline rush was excessive!! Being a tank is not easy, especially when fighting 5 or 6 enemies all at once. You gotta watch closely your HP while hacking and slashing the enemies to keep them off the mage [in our case, I was also their main damager]. LOL. But it was cool. I'm quite proud of my "performance" earlier, and it seems my new guild mates were impressed as well. They even gave me a high position at the guild, to think I just got recruited. :P

It was kinda fun doing runs with random ppl, actually. I think I'm up for more. :D

Habaek is in my room rn

 So this day might have been BS for my parents, but I loved it all the same. Guess what? I HAVE THREE VOLUMES OF THE BRIDE OF THE WATER GOD IN MY POSSESSION!! Who would have thought I'd be able to lay my hands on one in my lifetime? :D

I bought it from Fully Booked, SM North EDSA branch. Actually, we went there to buy the book my cousin wants for Christmas, not really because I was looking for BOTWG. When we got there, Mom first scouted for gift items to be given away, and I, as a matter of habit, went to the graphic novels section simply to browse through the titles available. I finished scanning one shelf and fixed my eyes on the next, when suddenly, I saw this familiar cover sitting right in the middle of the collection. And, you got it, it's Volume 1 of the Bride of the Water God that was staring back at me! You had no idea how hard it was for me to contain my excitement that time. It's as if my chest wanted to burst! I hurriedly went and grabbed the book, and checked the other mangas sitting next to it and learn if more volumes were available. Aside from volume 1, the 4th and 6th were in stock. I thought of buying the first volume, but decided not to because the money I brought with me is already alloted for another item. So I went back to where Mom was, and told her the news. She asked me if I wanted it, and of course I said yes. She then said she'd buy me the three volumes, and that would serve as my Christmas present. Well, what more could I ask for? It was more than enough! I agreed non reluctantly. :P

Mom told me not to open the books til Christmas [she said she'll wrap it up first. haha], but I can't wait for it. I told her I'd open the first book, and then she could go wrap the remaining two. Luckily, she agreed. Haha.

Now I have read the first volume. Good Lord, it was amazing! I'd definitely come back for the remaining volumes~!



Imma repeat the songs til my ears bleed.



 I watched GTOP's World Premiere live on Youtube yesterday. Like many others, the stream went so badly for me, especially at the start of the show. I tried viewing it via Firefox when I gave up on Chrome and IE, and lucky me cos the buffering time lessened significantly there. I actually saw it coming, that YT won't be able to handle the traffic at some point. I'm more than convinced that YT underestimated the number of people who watched yesterday's live, hence the annoying lag.

But W/E. GTOP was awesome! The previews were good, what more the real thing? I srsly cannot make up my mind as to which song is best. DDD: But before everything else, of course I've to hear the full versions first. :)


GTOP Inkigayo

 Oh my F*cking gee. I just read on Omona that GTOP will be performing on Inki this coming Sunday. Watch out everyone, his is the start of the GTOP domination!!!

I srsly can't wait anymore. :DDD

prz be updating meeeh

 >>My knee hurts so effing much. I tripped over something yesterday, and now I suffer the consequence. I don't have a wound, but the spot where my knee touched the granite is painful. D: The right side of my right foot hurts, too.

>>I just did a follow-up on our pre-ordered light sticks. The shop-owner is starting to get on my nerves, really. What's so hard about giving a simple "hey all, watch out for our gcash info which we will be posting soon." wall post? I hate it when I'm left in the dark like this.

>>And, yeah. I'm 21 years old now. Feeling so ancient. D:


SS3 Manila tickets~


I arrived at the Coliseum around 8:15 A.M. There was a line, but it wasn't long. [There were approx. 100 people before me]. Ticket selling commenced 5 minutes after 9AM, and I got mine around 10:30. It was a long wait, indeed. Every person at the counter took an average of 5-10 minutes before they left, but good thing most of the people in the queue were in groups so we progressed a little bit faster. :D

Yay, this marks the start of my months long patyin'. XD





^ That is exactly what I'm feeling right now. Why am I happy? Well, read on.. :)

>>Today's the last day of the month, and you guys know that I've been ranting non-stop about what's going to happen on the 1st of December. :3 Super Show 3 Manila tickets are gonna be out in all Ticketnet outlets starting tomorrow! Finally, I've been waiting for this day to come since April! :)

>>Moving on, G DRAGON and TOP of Big Bang are releasing an album on December 15 and I say it's about freaking time!!! The last time they did performances in Korea was on December of 2008, so it's been 2 harrowing years since they've been absent. You know very well that Big Bang is my effing favorite Korean boyband since time immemorial and now and forever amen, so you can just imagine the excitement that has pent up over the two years they've gone hiatus. The very thought of their comeback is enough to give me insomnia, and I'm not even exaggerating. XD

>>BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!! Seung Ri, another BB member, is also coming back on January with a new single!! I'm like, holey frak is YG trying to kill us? GTOP on December, and Seung Ri the month after! LOL but fangirling aside, I believe YG has been planning this all along. They know they've been absent in Korea for quite some time, so they made this release-after-release set up to make up for their years long hiatus. It's a pretty nice marketing strategy if you ask me. Fans will surely patronize it since Big Bang's return is highly anticipated for. :D

>>But you know what tops it all off? BIG BANG WILL BE COMING BACK AS A GROUP ON FEBRUARY!!!!!!! I am most excited for this phase of their comeback, since everything they release in Korea is FUCKING AMAZING. Pardon me for not censoring, I'm just so excited, delighted, I won't deny it nor fight it! SDKLFJSHSDKLFJHSLKDHFKLASDFHSD shaking and crying forever!!!